Architects of Infinity (Star Trek: Voyager) by Kirsten Beyer PDF

By Kirsten Beyer

An unique novel set within the universe of Star Trek: Voyager, from the New York Times bestselling author!

As the Federation Starship Voyager continues to steer the entire Circle Fleet in its exploration of the Delta Quadrant, Admiral Kathryn Janeway is still focused on the Krenim Imperium and its skill to rewrite time to fit its whims. At Captain Chakotay's advice, besides the fact that, she orders the fleet to concentration its cognizance on a different planet in a binary process, the place a brand new point has been stumbled on. a number of biospheres exist in this differently uninhabitable global, every one containing varied atmospheres and contours that argue different sentient beings as soon as resided at the floor. Janeway hopes that digging into an old style clinical secret will raise the crews' morale, yet she quickly realizes that the secrets and techniques buried in this global might be a part of a far better puzzle—one that issues to the life of a species whose energy to reshape the galaxy may perhaps dwarf that of the Krenim.

in the meantime, Lieutenants Nancy Conlon and Harry Kim proceed to fight with the alternatives regarding Conlon’s degenerative . complete Circle’s clinical employees discovers a possible answer, yet problems will strength a fellow officer to confront her people’s prior and her personal destiny in methods she by no means imagined…

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