Course Rules




1. Golfers must register in clubhouse.
2. U.S.G.A. Rules of golf apply.
3. OUT OF BOUNDS: Marked inside edge of white stakes.
4. WATER HAZARDS: No. 1, 6, 8 and 9. Play ball back of entry spot. Penalty 1 stroke.
5. Golfers playing 18 holes will alternate on Hole #10 with golfers starting on Hole #1.
6. Single players have no priority on course.
7. Keep carts on available cart paths or maintain a minimum of 30 feet from all greens and tees.
8. Carts should scatter in rough.
9. Replace all divots, fix ball marks on greens and rake traps.
10. Only clubhouse purchased carry-ons allowed.

Please allow faster players through.